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KtCallista: congrats on the LP

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first last post?

edit: Yes! Wow, you were quick to create a new one. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi pbl!!!

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How did you beat me over here?

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You will still doing the happy dance from your other lp.


I thought you stopped for coffee… oh well

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gave up coffee. Maybe it is just because I still had a sleeping baby on my arm and it takes a while to type that way.

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next time go for the lp and edit it afterwards

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I guess so. If I am going to keep getting them, I’d better!

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you’ll never forget your first… lo**l

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nope, its been a good woot week for me, I got Dodgeball too.


ooo congrats
I came second there twice

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You’re always welcome back!

My previous highest placement had been third.


another last post loss.

sorry about not reporting it earlier,Boss walked in right when i was about to hit the report button. Good thing tall was on the ball.
Congrats KtC on the LP, with a baby in hand to boot!

Hey pbl, nice digs!
here is mine

now let me see yours :wink:


Interesting name
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I’m still waiting on him to keep his side of the bargain…


Show and Tell
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I know everyone knows what the picture is that Darth posted. I don’t, someone tell me.
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Awwww man. 99 more pages!!!