Last Post: My final post

No Boc for me, VoP has rendered me sad. Last Post in the name of ultimate Woot sadness!!!

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Darn VOP has no love for me,
The last - OMEGA- post to see.
Unless you must free it from me,
This truly is LAST POST, you see?

Good Morning Last Posters!

Maybe you didnt get a BOC
but there is another sale on the other site
Try your luck and see!


Dearest LP from Wootsville Sea,
A sale you say? A sale for me?
A sale for Wendy? It couldn’t be!

Clearance is my middle name,
I love the prices and the game,
The other site? You have the name?

If not allowed, give me a letter,
With money spending, I’d like to do better.
So share away, do tell I say,
Even in code, please tell today.

So perhaps, after all,
This is NOT the last post.
But I love deals & steals,
And smart shopping the MOST.

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WoW, that was great!


They who say “Meh” to your wonderfully done poetry should be booed into silence.

This shall not be the Last Post as we await more marvelous poetry!

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Thank you kindly, L to the P,
My mind is strange as you can see,
I see in pictures when others speak,
But that does help me out to seek
understanding for those with no voice,
I was born this way, it wasn’t a choice.

Empathy, selflessness and to be kind
is my biggest wish for all to find.
Alas, it happens like a quack to a duck,
Animals are awesome and mean people suck.

Am I making this up on the fly?
You betcha, my friend
It’s as easy as pie.

Though, a good pie takes work
for it to taste great.
Or, it ends up like cardboard
which is easy to hate.

Unless the cardboard is a BOC
Or, Funkos or Comics, or Marvel or DC,
Or, Pusheen, or Disney or Stars Wars and such
But I do love crafts ever so much.

I best wrap this up
there is paint in my hair,
glue on the floor and food in the air,
I could go on, Dearest LP,
But I’ve just killed my battery

Time for a charge,
A good cleaning and more,
Remember when reading my posts not to snore.

Lastickles of the lastest last.

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