Last Post! Where Players Become Legends [The Final Hurdle]

But I have no place to go… I have no place to go…

I’m in water. Fire can not hurt me, Doodyhead go home.

ok 1st timer, or is it smoky?

I am wood, wood beats water… battle beasts…


Yeah, crybabies of the interweb unite and form OTS Whinertron. I wished they had just stayed on woot.

you know if it was up to you you wouldn’t go there at all… greg is an a-hole

What the heck is going on here? Who is who? Did the other guys go off line or something?
Why are you all back? Who is JFis good? I thought Pblgov, but you are posting…czar? Blue?
Why does the screen keep jumping there? It drives me nuts!


last post

If this is the last thing you say on this earth, it is the best one

so it isn’t just me then…

No, you are strange too but you’re not alone here.

did you friend me yet?

pbl has no friends, and soon will have no buddies…

why do you say i am strange? do you know me? do i know you?

friend you?

You are strange on woot.

Don’t know you outside of woot. I only know what you write on woot is strange sometimes.

You only know me by what I have written on woot too.

so you joined today and you have tracked all my posts? or you are under a new ID and hiding for some reason.

the cave?

what’s up with the cave?

umm looks like I missed a bunch. Hi pblgov!

Last Post

uh mods…hello! why did jellyfishwhatever get probated? he/she didn’t do anything that warrented it. i saw all 6 posts today before 2 were deleted.