Last Post! Where Players Become Legends [The Final Hurdle]

No, I wouldn’t say that you have missed anything.

My guess would be attacking other posters (potentially). Man, that sounds familiar.

Guess my post whoring scared everyone away…
still last post.

no. i wasn’t offended, just curious. we all know i am damaged. i admit it.

We all are; each in our own way. Some hide it while others don’t. You and I fall into the “don’t” minority. Nothing wrong with that.
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competition is what keeps this country from becoming …like the ussr was. it’s healthy and it’s freaking american!

Where do you find the time? Ahh, I’d probably be checking more stuff out if I had the time/money, but eh. . .

As for those that hide their strange. . . I have been told I am good at hiding, maybe because I don’t think you are all that strange, don’t know SisterC really yet.

bitbythedog? That is even worse than my namewasbad when I was on probation the first time!
Not very good hiding.
Czar? Hummmm, Czar getting probation is even more unlikely than me getting probation, then again it happened to me twice.
Well, when I get home and have the time I’ll find out what is going on.

More damaged that strange. One is the product of their childhood environment. Mine forced me to be a loner and take solace in nature as a way of avoiding people and their (perceived) threat to me. I lived through 36 years thinking that Simon And Garfunkel’s “I Am A Rock” was written especially for me. Likewise, The Wall held a similar place in my mind.

Even though I am crawling out of that well, I still have the mental scars that I have inflicted upon myself. More that you probably wanted to know…but like I said, I wear my particular damage on my sleeve.

TWICE…only twice. I think I’ve had something like 500+ hours in the hole.

last post

i’m strange in a lovable sort of way…

yes you are sister, yes you are.

last post.

You don’t have time to be strange. You have two babies and a job.
You can get strange when the kids get bigger.

But I didn’t do anything! That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Are you insinuating that I am normal? Normally, I would be insulted, but hmmm. . . I wonder if it really is possible. Nah, must be the lack of sleep talking. Truthfully, I don’ t think I have time to be normal. Too much work. If wasn’t for OCD I wouldn’t get anything done, but I thank God for my laziness to keep me in check. :wink:

I’m insinuating that this is a last post.

I am not sure about your post, but this is most probably a last post

Goodnight last post! Virus scanners kicked on, East Coasters are waking up, definitely time to head to bed now, kids will be up in a little over 4 hours anyway.

Last Goodnight Post

good night KtC,
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As is this.

don’t you mean this?