Last Post! Where Players Become Legends [The Final Hurdle]

last post, are you officially home?

Where are you?
Last post

why can’t we have only one last post?

Arrived at home about an hour ago. Going to go up and take a nap after I check mail.
last post

have a good nap!

I want some lunch first then a nap.
last post

yes food is important!

Ha, just noticed the new thread name. Legend…as in stars. Bet we have all been there one time or another. Geez, now I’m hungry and thirsty.

last post

and last post

yeah, in 99 1/2 more pages.
I’m not even going to say
last post

HA! well i guess we can try to fill up that “other” one

I feel a strong urge to interrogate you. The force is with me.
Mr. v8r, what is your age?
How long have you been married?
What time zone do you live in when stationed on earth?

hahahaha! don’t, i have answered all those q’s before remember?

No, I’m old, or at least my brain is.

okay one more time then

  1. 24
  2. 2 wonderful years
  3. same as woot

Where are all these people who get married young? Because daughter would love to settle down.

So you are a married kid (even though I was married at that age)

Apparently, they are in Texas…

So I need to send her to Austin? I don’t know if she can handle a TX guy.

If you want married young, try So. Idaho or Utah, I got married at 22 (okay just before my 22n’d b-day) and I was “getting old”, compared to girls in my hometown.

Of course, she can. All of the Texas guys I know are very nice men. I think she would do just fine.

We treat women like they are suppose to be treated, like a delicate flower. And respect, becuase most Texas women will give you a black eye and a sore jaw if you don’t