Last Post X: The Race To Be Last!



okay, then maybe THIS is the last post: LAST POST XII: The Postening. Post early, post often, but above all, post last






Cross double last post?

This is going to get wild…


Wild? Who’s wild?


Wild & Last Post.


Wild days ended when the kids came therefore…
Last Post.


Mine are few and far between and not nearly as wild.

I mean, here I am trying to do this on three different

Last Post


I’ll let you have this one


Nap time. So this better be it.


We should consolidate these. Maybe earn some interest.


I think if we did then we would be over the max and the last post would actually be the last post. But I don’t think that’s possible.


OK. This is officially the very last post!

TT can lock this thread now.


And this looks like a good place to let my autocorrect go wild. You gotta let em run once in a while or stink argh it’s such ire fun week so we’ll park leggy is still so warship chi lack do cup so ski jam Dardanelle.


Last Post


Feeling lucky here.


the snow melts first in my yard on my street because my house was built directly over hell.
Last post.


My snow is plowed by my housing association.

Last Post.


The snow here (like every other year or so) melts off the streets at least by 10am leaving just what’s on the grass and roofs…real pretty. :innocent:

Oh yeah…last post.


Ooh yes, I was wanting to be 200.