Last Post X: The Race To Be Last!



I’m one better than Post #200!!

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200 + 2 + 1



200 + 2 + 2
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700 - 300 + 4 - 200 + 1
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2 x 10 ^ (2) + 2 ^ (2) + 2 ^ (1)


So…yeah…just stumbled upon this post…am I last?




The. Last. Post.


The snow at my house magically melts all by itself.

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My bag of crap is never going to get here due to the fact we have the laziest mail carrier.
Last Post.


this is the end?


My only friend.

The end.


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We have the same carrier. He can’t be bothered to bring it all or walk up my 3 steps and put it in the mail box. It’s always laying on my porch. I have nice steps, a double hand rail, solid porch floor, huge mail box, and no dogs. The spider is tame. I’ve complained about this kid over and over. I guess I have to wait until he runs himself over with the mail buggy to get a new one. That’ll be his last post.


+1 for creativity

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There once was a scary old ghost.
He loved scaring children the most.
He’d yell BOO every day…
And the people would say…
Why don’t you go make a Last Post!


There’s a legal limit to the snow here and it’s not allowed to slush against the hillsides. :crazy_face:

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