Last Post X: The Race To Be Last!



Been away for a while. Had eye surgery, and all is good.

Last post!


And you hoped we’d have mercy on somebody with eye surgery and let you stay last?


There is no mercy. Only

Last Post.


It was worth a shot.

Last Post!


There can be only one…

Last Post

(Except for the fact that there are about 4 active last post threads right now)


This is my first last post.


It’s taking to long to last post.


Last count I had there were 4 active but 12 total that could become active… I’ve bookmarked them all and have debated whether or not to unleash the Last Post apocalypse.

Last Post


Still in it.


We’ve got some time till the Last Post here so we all better hunker down.



Last post





Your my favourite autocarrect

Later post


You’re just doing it on purpose now, aren’t you?

Last Post


That one is okay. It’s British. Sounds pretentious though.



I’ll have none of that here.

Last Post.





I love the way the British pronounce “decals”. I now call them stickers in our meetings. LP


Eye can see you!