LAST POST XII: The Postening. Post early, post often, but above all, post last


Cluck Cluck. I win.
Last Post.


(do you know why chicken coops only have 2 doors but never four?)

Aha! While you were out dancing and celebrating, someone else snuck in an even Laster Post!


you mean me?
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I failed performing the Heimlich maneuver on someone in a restaurant. I guess you could say I choked.

Last Post!


Nope. Actually he (or she) choked - you didn’t. I performed CPR once and the man did not survive, but it was considered successful because at least I tried. His widow encountered me at a service station several years later and recognized and thanked me for doing much more than anyone else seemed willing to do. E.R. doc said his heart blew up and he wouldn’t have survived it if it had happened at the hospital. So, an undesired result does not necessarily mean failure.

…speaking of last posts …LP




Exactly! You scored the ***next to the ***
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Sorry to announce that this will have to be the very last post on this thread.

The woot servers are over-heating and no further posts will be accepted.


Don’t even try to post after this.

Good Bye everyone.







last post.


Okay Dave. I think you were very clear in your instructions. To clarify, THIS is the LAST POST. Thanks everyone for your total cooperation with Dave’s missive.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Sponges grow in the ocean. Do you ever wonder how deep would the ocean be if that didn’t happen?

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Did you realize that:

Your car keys have travelled further than your car.

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My neighbor threw away her toaster because it kept burning bread. She is Black Toast Intolerant.

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Speaking of which, WHY do toaster manufacturers build toasters with a built in “burnt to a black crisp” setting anyway?

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Good question!

I used to date a lady with a wooden leg, but I broke it off.

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I think may have dated her myself - did her name happen to be “Peg”?

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Her name was Eileen.

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