LAST POST XII: The Postening. Post early, post often, but above all, post last


Maybe it’s the late night, or whatever, but I started remembering all of the really bad fish puns that I have posted over the years, and I started to feel a bit gill-ty.

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Don’t believe her - I’ll bet she was just being shelf-ish

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What do you call a melon that’s not allowed to get married?
Can’t elope.



Where do little cantaloupes go for the summer?

To John Cougar’s Melon Camp.

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One of the pups in a breeder’s litter of collies had a strange appetite, fostered no doubt, because the dog fancier’s kennel was deep in the southern United States.

The odd youngster spurned regular dog food, no meaty tid-bits could tempt him and he hated dog biscuits.

Just in time to save the little dog’s life, the owner found he would eat nothing but cantaloupes.

He doted on them.

His brother pups could not understand this and they teased him unmercifully.

He became the butt of their pranks until his tail would droop and he would whimper and shiver in a corner.

His mother, trying to comfort him, called him to her and she said “Come to me, my melon… collie… baby”.

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I lift weights only on Saturday and Sunday…
because Monday to Friday are weak days.
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I did an hour of cardio today… I really need to find closer parking to the gym!

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After punching his computer and breaking his hand…
the guy required tech knuckle support.

Absolutely the final and Last Post.


I have never tried inhaling helium for amusement, but people speak very highly of it.

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An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either.

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The chickens were distraught when the tornado destroyed their home.
Hopefully they will be able to recoup.

LaSt PoSt


you noobs have no idea how last post works


WHAT? We need lessons!

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It’s all relative

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Can’t believe this thread is still going on.

Well, unlikely I’ll get that



Ooooh, almost had it!

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Oops. There it goes.
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So, Dave - if you got the last post, would this be the first post AFTER the last post??

Or is it simply now the Last Post ?


My neighbor asked out his dentist, but she brushed him off. Oh, well, it’s her floss.

This is absolutely the