LAST POST XII: The Postening. Post early, post often, but above all, post last


Rabbits like their beer brewed with a lot of hops.

The final. The ending. The very Last Post.


Playing darts on the ceiling always makes me throw up.

This is the last post!!!


What is blue and doesn’t weigh very much?

Light blue

I believe THIS is the last post !!!


If you play around with a guillotine…
You’ll beheaded for an accident.

<<<<<< The Last Post >>>>>>


My musician neighbor, who is in jail, is awaiting his next release.

I got the last post! neener, neener, neeeeener!


Why do some people hate puns?
Because they are laughtose intolerant!



I have a friend who has been a jogger for three years running.

Last Post!!


Don’t trust people that do acupuncture, they’re back stabbers.
…Last Post


Last week, I bought a camouflaged shirt, and now I can’t find it!

I got the Last Post!!


Says WHooo?

You “had” the Last Post !!! It’s MINE now ! (diabolical laughter)

Last Post


How does the moon cut the sun’s hair?

Eclipse it.

edit: not as smart as I thought I was making that up. Googled it. Already existed.

Last Post


To the man in the wheelchair that stole my camouflage jacket… You can hide but you can’t run.

Last Post !!


Before they shut down EBW due to the Korean Spammers, I’m grabbing the Last Post!





Last Post !!!


A thief fell and broke his leg in wet cement. He became a hardened criminal.

Last Post!! Finally, I got the last post!


Children who fail their coloring exams always need a shoulder to crayon.

YAY! I got the FIRST POST after the supposed LAST POST, making this the very…


When I studied Shakespeare, I had heard a rumor that he had once owned a bakery. He had always denied this saying, “It’s much a-dough about muffin.”

Woohoo!! The last post is mine!

Last Post!


The librarian didn’t know what to do with the book about Tesla’s love of electricity, so she filed it under ‘Current Affairs.’

OK. Time for me to have the…
Last Post.