LAST POST XII: The Postening. Post early, post often, but above all, post last


There once was a lovely young miss,
who went down to the river to read.
A young man in a punt
stuck an oar in her eye
and now, she has to wear glasses.

Last Post


Been busy lately. Moving into a condo, and i have discovered I have gathered a lot of crap over the years. Internet is back up and running, so this is my…

Last Post!


OK… You’ve had last post long enough!

Last Post


Once upon a time, I thought “I” had

Last Post!









Maybe the last post before the forums all change?

Last Post


Maybe it WAS, but no longer - because THIS is the LAST POST !!! nanny nanny boo boo :slight_smile:

Last Post X: The Race To Be Last!

Cross Last Post Last Post(s?).

What have we done?


Darn it.
I was hoping no one would find the old Last Post Thread.
But… Once again…



I had to do some searching, but I just KNEW it had to be somewhere.
So, yep, this is the LAST POST.


At least we’re much closer to final last post than in the other final last post post.

Post post post. Post. Post post. Where am I again?


How many last post posts can a last post poster post?


I don’t want to be the last post counter who has to count all the last posts per last poster between all of these last post posts.




4,563 + 1 Last Posts


No, it locks at 10,000

4,563 - 2 = 4,561
4,561 + 5439 = 10,000


Well, i ain’t first . . .

so I MUST be LAST !