LAST POST XII: The Postening. Post early, post often, but above all, post last


No, but 10k posts are necessary to end this thread.

Last Post.


only to extend it to a new thread? (and does the 10k apply to the new forum platform?)
Last Post


To be the last post on this thread and then starting (another) new one, most likely. There have been other posts that have already been locked at (or after) 10k and we are pretty sure that’s the limit. We’ll find out in the Green Grotta thread as we quickly approach the 10k post.

I think I figured out there were 13 open LP threads. We have 3 or 4 “active” ones. I have not unleashed the others yet. As one closes I’ll restart a dead one. Disclaimer, I am not the keeper of the last posts, I’m just trying to get organized in this chaos. If someone else found them and started them back up, that would be up to them.

Last Post


organized chaos seems better than chaotic organization. persevere onward>

Last Post


No need to start a new one.
I think there’s three other LAST POST threads going.


As he stated in his Last Post he knows of 13 threads that could be finished.

These would go until the creator of the thread closed it. Or maybe an admin. Now with the new forums these can all go to 10000 posts.


but as of this moment in time, this post (in this thread) is the last post


Last Post


Last Post


Last Post


Last, last, last, last, last post


Last post


The next Last Post


El last-o post-o


Astlay Ostpay




Lasta Postista


Post Last


Lotsa Pasta?


Lest Pest