Late Halloween Night

Congrats Joseph.

woot! not in tonite (bought last two) but think this was the better choice :slight_smile:

man you derby voters are dumb… you seriously preferred this stuff over the “awkward” shirt???

Wow that’s one ugly shirt that you can already buy at every Hot Topic around the country. Good job voting everyone.

wow. lame. hoping this one wouldn’t place…

cuz how lame it is.

condition: Lunar
product(s): 1 Black Woot Tee (4091)
Size: WS, WM, WL, WXL, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X

The Space Invader shirt had a similar motif… themed objects against a themed background. Both nice

looks cool, but I’m out.

yet another shirt passed on…

ugh… i wanted the awkward shirt to win.


Congrats you savage moon-crazed beast!

I was fairly certain this was coming but I’m still disappointed “Awkward” didn’t make the cut. I’m interested to see how well this one sells.

this was the weakest out of the fog.

This is kinda a cool shirt, but… I really don’t like the graveyard scene. It just doesn’t fit me. so, nope, not going to get it. Thanks anyway.

Not a clue in the world how this shirt got 3rd place. It’s just a picture of a moon photoshop-ized. This derby had one of my favorite woot shirt and now it has my least favorite… oh well, can’t win em all I guess.

In for 1 - Cool Shirt

Thank you for coming to the discussion forums solely to be an ■■■■■■■.

so glad that stupid awkward shirt didn’t place

thank you for quoting and thus reposting that comment. cuz it’s correct. and this shirt is


Is that the moon rising or Mars is really close?