Laundry Day

I’m glad he doesn’t flash the neighbors.

Now the only chore left is to air out the organ jars…

Man… Really wish it had been the black shirt with the Ankh on it, that was my fav!

I think it’s the oversized head that makes this so adorable.

That mummy’s gonna need a lot more clothespins…

Congrats Walmazan! :smiley: Been looking forward to buying this all week, in for one

Isn’t that just going to get sand in his wrappings all over again?

Careful not to over bleach! Really a fresh take on an ancient theme. Great work.

I’m glad this was such an aesthetically pleasing shirt. Had it been unenjoyable, it would upset me to know that I’d given my life to the curse of Walmazan.

This reminds me of Dia de los Muertos!

I can’t believe it! This derby really was lacking- I don’t think the new Fog of War is helping at all

I agree!!!

Excellent…feels like he’s looking over his shoulder at the camera taking a day in the afterlife photos…

Do you think he uses fabric softener?

bet he hates doing laundry even more than I do!

Are you my mummy?

So, my question is: Would it be considered improper for a mummy to run about without his clothes on? I suppose that the ‘private’ parts as we know them humanly are missing, but should a mummy just strut around flashing his pelvic bone? It seems so perverse!

Man, I wanted “Solar Scarab” to win! That was the awesomest! (Yes, I know it’s not a real word.) I want a recount!

Agreed! 100%, not ripping on the others, but I really hope they offer that one up here again soon!