Laundry Day


Apparently according to the woot derby winners I need to get some ghost buddies to help with my housework. Awesome shirt congrats on the 2nd place!

I always wondered what a ghost looked like under its sheet!

Apparently the woot voters have become obsessed with ghosts. Intervention time?

Another ghost shirt? Shirt.woot must be haunted; it’s the only answer.

Bleach or just Tide? How do you get your whites that white?

Also I <3 this :slight_smile: Adorable.

Love the concept…

…trying not to see racist undertones that could be inferred if taken wrong, eh-hem.

Congrats Boots! And Kelly!

All of my ghost sheets would be pink… stupid red sock gets me everytime!

Yes, always good to see a BootsBoots (collab or otherwise.) Captures some fun expressions + a chill wind blowing up the back feeling.

…did we accidentally have the Halloween derby?

I guess ghosts + chores = win!

are those the ghost’s tank tops?

I guess it’s Halloween in September… well at least these will show up by smart post just in time for Thanksgiving.

I kid, I kidddddd.

What a BOO-tiful day to hang laundry.

I’m up for a game of Pac-Man now for some reason. :smiley:

“…gave a sheet” Haha…it’s funny because it sounds like a bad word. Reminds me of a tounge-twister my mom taught me, then forbid me to ever say. Ahem…

How many sheets could a sheet-slitter slit if a sheet-slitter could slit sheets?

Don’t try it within earshot of kids. :wink:

This is a great Halloween Tee…no bones about it!

OxiClean, of course!

R.I.P. Billy…

Well that’s just downright cruel. It’s the equivalent of us hanging people! Poor fellows…