Laundry Force, Go!

exact same price at Amazon.

Collin, Woot! IS Amazon! I’m not surprised.


A trying rack is cheaper at target or Walmart. I am disappointed.

Wait, each one is $12? You’ve got to be kidding me? At first I thought it was 6 for $12. That was a reasonable price and I was going to buy a pack. But holy toledo batman, what the eff!

These are easily one of the worst products I’ve ever purchased on Woot.

The nylon fabric is so thin the handles or the backpack strap rip if more than 10lbs of laundry is in the bag. This is definitely not the bag to get for any dorm or kids room. 10lbs of laundry will fill this hamper one-quarter to one-third full.

Disappointing and low-quality.