Laundry & (Pipe) Organ-ization

I just used mine for the first time today. Initially I placed it on my dining table but I found that it was really too low to see the garment well. So I set it up on the kitchen counter. That worked better, but I think tad higher might be even better. Be very careful though: I did burn the back of my hand today! Just a tap on the cotton setting and Yeee-ouch! Yeah - second degree level. A nice long soak in really cold water and I am pain-free. But I tell you this so you will be more careful than I was, OK?

Anyone know if this iron has an auto-shutoff?

I often use mine while doing sewing projects and it would be frustrating if it turned off every 8 minutes (as sometimes I need to leave it on just a bit longer than that between pressing seams).

It is hard to find an iron without a short auto-off now-a-days but I don’t see it mentioned in the listing at all.

Anyone used the portable steam cleaner? I see pretty mixed reviews out there for it.

An Amazon reviewer specifically noted that there is no auto shutoff.

I didn’t get it here but I have a Haier portable washer & LOVE it…I paid almost as much for mine & bought it used. I use it for cloth diapers instead of my front loader, since front loaders often come without a soak feature (like mine…gah) - so I can have my soak & wash it too with my little washer. It also will do about the equivalent of a small load for my front loader. So for a dorm or apartment or cabin, etc, this is perfect. It works awesome. It fits a lot more than you’d initially think looking at it & they even sell tiny little matching driers if you need that. They have free shipping too from WalMart on either item - but this is cheaper than new obviously here - I just meant if you need a drier too. :wink:

Bougth my Haier about two years ago whne my old,old Maytag quick.

It has worked just fine, as long as you don’t overload it.

The spin-drain system is ingenious. Instead of use brute spin force all at once, it spins a little, pumps it out, spins more, pumps it out. Each cycle is easier on the drum as less water remains.

Mine came with water inside, rust spots on the drum, and the bottom plate doesn’t fit. On top of that, I got two cycles out of mine and then the water inlet valve died. I’m never buying refurbished again.

I’m sorry about that. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Make sure you describe the condition in which it was received. Pictures help.