Laundry Room Whatnots

I’ve used these (probably this same model) in China many times. They work great, get clothes very clean.

I have the Above Edge Adjustable Garment Rack. It’s really only for lighter weight garments, and not a lot of them either.
The plastic rods at the bottom which make up the rack are a bit pliable and easily torqued. Because of this, they don’t hold the upright posts as well as they should and heavier items such as winter coat may cause the rack to bend/collapse/lean.

I have one of these drying racks…I love love love it! I hardly ever dry my clothes in the dryer as they are murder on the fabrics…not to mention bad for the environment. I just use one of these in my laundry room!

The MiracleFold is only $3 off? I can get this on Amazon with free 2-day shipping for less. What happened Woot? :frowning:

The Blue WAS $18.99 now same price as orange here

why change in same sale?