Laura Chenel Flock of Cheese (8)

Laura Chenel Flock of Cheese 8-Pack
$44.99 $56.00 20% off List Price
(1) Goat Milk Cheese Chèvre Log, 8 oz.
(1) Goat Milk Cheese Cabecou in oil, 6.2 oz jar
(1) Orange Blossom Honey Chèvre, 5.4 oz. Log
(1) Goat Milk Cheese Crushed Olives Chèvre, 5.4 oz. Log
(1) Black Truffle Chèvre, 5.4 oz. Log
(1) Creamy Goat Cheese Herbs Chabis, 5 oz.
(1) Four Peppercorn Blend Chabis, 5 oz.
(1) Original Creamy Goat Cheese Chabis, 5 oz.


Been waiting for this.
One for a gift, one for me;
or should it be two.

Really like the assortment and the inclusion of the goat cheeses.
Lots of flavors not there with cow cheese.
Gonna be great with the Sopressa on Home.

Love assorted cheeses but not a huge fan of goat cheese. I like the idea of the offer but it ain’t for me.

Lemme guess: no Hawai’i delivery here either.

Is this what we had at the D&D after party?

This stuff was REALLY good when I got it last time. I even liked the Olive kind and the one in Oil, neither of which do I care for that kind of cheese in general usually.

what’s the shelf life of these (unopened) in the fridge?

edit: i found it on the specs page, i just have to learn to read :slight_smile: it’s 100 days

Also pre-tour.

What’s the deal with the Amazon payments? Why can’t I just buy it?

Can these be shipped as a gift (without the receipt enclosed?)

Everything on wine.woot is sold by the winery or company (non-wine). You now purchase these items separately via Pay with Amazon.

More info


Yes, it’s made by non-animal goats.

Not sure if serious, but fyi dairy products are generally considered vegetarian (but non-vegan). However, cheese often uses rennet which is made from animal parts, hence the question.


Its kosher. That means non-animal rennet.

That’s despite the legal mumbo jumbo that says that products on are sold by Woot Inc.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true :-/ Would be neat if it was… You are being redirected...

Ok I called them and they say they don’t use animal rennet in anything