Laura Chenel/Marin French Cheese (5)

Laura Chenel/Marin French Cheese Combo Pack
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(1) Black Truffle Chevre, 5.4 oz. Log
(1) Orange Blossom Honey Chevre, 5.4 oz. Log
(1) Crushed Olive Chevre, 5.4 oz. Log
(1) Goat Milk Cheese Cabecou in oil, 6.2 oz jar
(2) Marin French Cheese Triple Cream Brie, 8 oz


No, it’s not inexpensive;
but it’s damn tasty and right up there with some of the other foodie cheese and sausage offerings here.

Ah the joys of local cheese. If you’re not local buy some and enjoy. If you are local, well you know what’s in store and don’t have to wait for Woot to get it.


This cheese is really good!!

Is the Marin cheese vegetarian?

Why do they say it’s french cheese when it is made in Cali?

Super yummy!!! I can’t resist!!

I’m guessing they’re talking about the traditional style. Brie is more of a french style, even if it’s not made there.

Bought these previously, twice. Definitely high quality stuff. Would buy again based on source, but they replaced the other smaller goat cheeses the previous deals offer with more Brie. I am a goat cheese fan, not as big on Brie. Just saying, good stuff, in case anyone’s on the fence.

The name of the company that makes it has long been “Marin French Cheese Company” and their products were (almost?) all traditional French-style soft cheeses: versions of Brie, Camembert, a soft breakfast cheese, and a couple of others. All made from milk from local (Marin and Sonoma county) dairies.

Marin French has been around as long as I can remember, and was a regular stop for our family. When a teen, we rode bicycles out to the coast, very often stopping for a snack or lunch there.

I don’t know the other cheeses, but the Marin French soft cheeses are very very good. They differ somewhat from their French equivalents, but are at least as good as most imported Brie or Camembert (though not as good, to be fair, as the unpasteurized double and triple creme’s one can occasionally get these days on the East coast).

I think this is a great offer and recommend it!

Cheese is my favoritest thing in the whole wide world. Don’t tell my kids. Or my wife.

Deal Sputnik’s family:

Thought you should know is favorite things

  1. Cheese
  2. Family
  3. Woot

A vinofranks sighting!

Thanks RPM. What is not well known is the large diary presence in the region. milk does not have to travel far to make this high quality cheese.

I love this stuff.

How long will they keep? What’s the best way to store them? I know I should probably eat the brie first (I don’t like it when it starts to turn) and chèvre is less fragile, but i’m just one person . . .

Indeed, we all love it!

Before the rejuvenation of the wine industry, dairying was one of the most important agricultural industries in Sonoma County and the Northern part of Marin County. Stornetta (which now owns the Clover brand that used to be owned by the Petaluma Co-operative Creamery) is in Carneros. The area where Marin French is located is in the heart of the Western Marin dairy country - I had several friends growing up who lived on dairy ranches on Red Hill Road which runs by the place.

With the dairying comes not only the soft cheeses but the very high quality version of Monterrey Jack from Vella on the plaza in Sonoma.


Where’s the wine!?

Specs say 100 day shelf life for each of the Chevres, so if your statement is correct that the Brie won’t last as long as the Chevre, then it is something less than 100 days. Was hoping someone would address your question as I was waiting for a response before hitting the stupidly large button but at this point it’s probably too late to hope for a definitive answer… guess I will just make a smaller purchase of some similar cheeses locally.

anyone get their cheese yet? fedex tracking shows a shipping label created for mine on 3/2 but nothing since then. worried that it’s sitting somewhere and no longer refrigerated/cold packed.