Laura Chenel’s Chèvre Mixed (7)

Laura Chenel’s Chèvre Mixed 7-Pack
$34.99 $59.93 42% off List Price
Laura Chenel Goat Milk Cheese Chèvre Log-11 oz.
Laura Chenel Chef’s Chèvre-7 oz.
Laura Chenel Honey Log-5.4 oz.
Laura Chenel Black Truffle Chèvre-5.4 oz.
Laura Chenel Goat Milk Cheese Crushed Olives Chèvre-5.4 oz.
Laura Chenel Four Peppercorn Blend Chabis-5 oz.
Laura Chenel Creamy Goat Cheese Herbs Chabis-5 oz.

Will it arrive in time for Thanksgiving?

Good question.

This is a lot of cheese. What’s the expiration date on all of it?

NOT guaranteed for thanksgiving. will ship out early the following week.

this cheese is decadent! checking on expiration, it should be well out there.


I just wanted to chime in and say this cheese is ridiculously good. I have put it out for friends and family and they are always amazed. I get a lot of folks who normally don’t like chevre but really enjoy this.
Also a note- I freeze these in ziploc freezer bags and pull them out when I need them. I’ve used them in fondue and in mac n cheese with other cheeses for very decadent flavor. Highly recommend!

Do these ship with an icepack or some other means of maintaining refrigeration??

This is a decent price for a top notch goat cheese. That being said I am out due to delivery concerns and can’t nobody eat that much goat cheese.

I’m buying this as a white elephant gift for a party in early December. Whoever wins it is going to be SO HAPPY.

Can you guarantee delivery to California by December 2? I travel the next week.

Yes. How much time do we have before they must be consumed?

Have to ask. None of these are the generic Laura Chenel “select” products from Canada?

We can eat this much goat cheese expiration be damned it won’t last long. In. I asked about the “select” from Canada but pretty sure that is just a low priced version that Sam’s Club carries. But hey when a producer blurs the lines you have to ask.

I’m sure you must be kidding!?

One just isn’t enough.

Shipped out 2 day, thanks!