Laura Michael Napa Valley Chardonnay (6)

Laura Michael Wines Napa Valley Chardonnay 6-Pack
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2013 Laura Michael Wines Chardonnay, Napa Valley
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Welcome back Laura & Michael! Good to see you & your wines here! :slight_smile:

Edit: For those who may not know, this offer is by Laura Zahtila & her husband. We stopped there two rpm tours ago and tasted some lovely wines. :slight_smile:

looking at the acid numbers this seems like a lip pucker-er-er.

was any of the oak new?

Per the description on the features tab, looks like no:

“Fermented in stainless steel, then moved to neutral French oak barrels for 7 months, there is only a hint of wood which gives the wine a nice roundness.”

My first thought was ABV a little high at 14.4 per the specs page. But looking at the label it looks like it says 13.9???

Checking. Please hold.

Update: Specs have been updated to match the bottle label until we hear otherwise.

Thanks for checking and have a great New Year!

Does WineWoot EVER have a Pinot Grigio? It seems the only whites they sell are Chardonnay or Riesling.

Not very often. We have had some decent Oregon PGs in mixed packs. The j. Dusi single vineyard PG was killer and offered multiple times in 2013/14.

good news Mass. wine lovers
“Wine connoisseurs will be popping the cork over a new law taking effect Thursday that allows out-of-state wineries to ship bottles directly to consumers in Massachusetts.”

I am a mass wine lover. But I’m not from Mass., so this won’t effect me. :wink:

I often wonder the same thing…

We visited the tasting room yesterday and enjoyed everything Jim poured for us. If you like a nice chardonnay that is well done in the old style this is for you! Happy New Year everyone, CHEERS!

HI Everyone, Sorry for the late arrival. This chardonnay is one of those perfect storms. The alcohol is as the spec - 14.4. Restrained use of oak and very small amount of malo fermentation means it’s refreshing, with body, but not buttery or super oaky, I like to say “rounded”. This is a great deal. I hope you buy some for your next shellfish meal. Let it warm a bit out of the frig and it will be delightful! Hope everyone has a great 2015!

This is 14.4 per the specs. Despite what many would think is too high at 14.4 - it’s very balanced and one of my favorite chardonnay’s that we’ve produced!