Laura Michael Wines Napa Valley Zinfandel (3)

Laura Michael Wines/Zahtila Vineyards Napa Valley Zinfandel 3-Pack
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2009 Oat Hill Estate Zinfandel, Napa Valley

A nice surprise for a Sunday offering, in for 1!

I’ve never had any of Laura’s wines (yet) but I’ve heard great things and this might be the offer I’ll pull the trigger on. My question is, how much longer will these hold up in a cellar before they’re past their prime?

Well, according to the info currently on the page the winery won’t even be founded until 2029, so I’d say all the usual assumptions about aging potential are off the table.

This snippet was taken from Laura’s email of 10/13/15:

Drink or Hold?

We often get questions about when you should be drinking the wine you’ve purchased from us.

Oat Hill Estate Zinfandel - 1999-2003 are ready to go, the oldest might be past their prime. 2004-2009 are absolutely showing fabulous flavor, aroma and body, this includes the 2007 vintage - go for it! 2010-2012 should be kept tucked away for a bit longer. We recently had a 2005 which was absolutely perfect!

In for 2.


I probably want this.

Can anyone give me an idea of style?

Well if you do can you throw a bottle my way? And tell them not to ship on Thursday or Friday @#!%# !

We may have tasted this on the 2012 rpm Tours. The winery and the estate are at the North end of the Napa Valley, above Calistoga, so it’s a warm area with grapes harvested at relatively high sugar levels, giving a high alcohol level that is fairly typical of Zins up here and in the adjacent parts of Sonoma County over in the Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys. Intense flavors, IIRC fairly fruit forward. I would call this a “no wimpy wines” Zin, if this is the one we tasted.

Very helpful, RPM. Thanks. And very unhelpful as I’d like to not buy wine…

Cory, want one?

I concur with RPM. If my memory serves, it’s definitely a more full body fruit forward zin, but not jammy. Reminds me of some of the estate zins I’ve had from a zin producer that shall not be named out of Sonoma (and I mean that in a very good way). Absolutely worth checking out.

I’ll always remember Laura, because she was my first (woot, that is!)

I’ve purchased every time her wines are on woot, and have loved every one! Currently sitting on several bottles of her Zin, so may as well add a few more.

In for 2!

I’ll take one

You, tyger, and I are in. I now have 3 bottles for you.