Laura Zahtila Dry Creek Zinfandel Vertical

Laura Zahtila Dry Creek Zinfandel Vertical
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1 Laura Zahtila Vineyards 2007 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley
1 Laura Zahtila Vineyards 2006 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley
1 Laura Zahtila Vineyards 2005 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley
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I do like her cabs. Anyone tried these?

Sounds very interesting… can anyone offer their experience with any of these?

No, but here’s a link to the recent wooting of those Cabs !

I bought a few of those, great stuff.

Hi Everyone,
Laura Zahtila Swanton here. Hope your new year is getting off to a zinfandel start. Oh, yeah, MY zinfandel! This is my first zinfandel offering to all of Woot. I’m very happy that those guys finally let me offer you some zin! Not enough zin on Woot, I think! So, this is a great trilogy. My 2nd, 3rd and 4th offerings from Oddone (O done ee - done like bone) Vineyards. For those scientists out there, Dr. Oddone runs Fermilab, when he’s not growing superb zinfandel in Dry Creek. A great vineyard with all the characteristics you wooters would expect from that appellation. Mine is spicier, rather than peppery, smoooooottttthhhh, rather than alcoholic, it’s balance and food friendly and you really should buy this vertical!
I’ll be available for questions and hope you ask them! If you are coming to Calistoga, you can meet the new husband and new puppy (who weighs the better part of 90 pounds!), but we all know alpha dog Zoe is still in charge!

Hello Laura,

Thank you for taking the time to appear on this forum.

You said that the grapes for all 3 vintages were from Oddone, yet the descriptions differ somewhat. Are those differences due to climate alone, or did your winemaking process change significantly from year to year (and if so, I’d be curious to know how)?

Also, what is the Residual Sugar for these wines?

Thank you.

My zin style is more claret than rum raisiny. Is that a word, raisiny? At any rate, all three are well balanced. The 2005 is happy to be drunk after it sits for a couple days from shipping. It’s the bramble that catches you, but the balance that makes it available for drinking sooner rather than later. My personal opinion is that my zin should be consumed by 7 years from vintage date. So, the 2005 is looking really good, 2006 is a bit softer, just like most of that vintage of wine. Hotter summer, shorter growing season, just softer, still yummy. 2007 is hoping you’ll hold for another year or two. It’s more complex due to the superb growing conditions, compared to the older vintages. Pairings: hmmm, lamb, pizza, chili, roasted beef, marina sauce on any pasta with sausage…hearty dishes deserve hearty wine!

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As I get to know a vineyard, things change for us. We figure out the weaknesses in the vineyard, giving us more experience in how to influence subsequent vintages for a better result. Each season challenges us with weather, so we have to accommodate the vineyard - honestly I had less control than I like, those years, but the resulting wines have great characteristics that keep getting more mature as we influence the growing practice. My winemaking process is pretty much the same, year to year. Same strain of yeast, same cooperage, relatively same aging time before bottling. My goal is to let the terroir show through with each vintage, climate tells, as does the increasing age of the vineyard.

Oops, I forgot about the RS - BONE DRY!

And here’s your link to her previous posts - she is fantastic!

Expected (and hoped) as much. Thank you for your answers.

And Nightghost, your spin on this, please.

Hi Laura,

Just bought 2 orders. I am curious of your view of the drinking window compared to what cellar tracker says. Cellar Tracker provides the following:

    1. Drinking window not set.
    1. 2006 - 2010. I think the drinking window is actually longer…
    1. 2009 - 2013. This may be more accurate.

Thanks for your great participation so far. Couldn’t resist based on your prior input.

Zin is a sugary grape - the 15% alcohol isn’t uncommon. But with its natural fruitiness (and that high alcohol), it certainly doesn’t need any sugar left (at least to my taste).

Zin is more tannic than Pinot Noir, but less so than Syrah or Cab.

Climate in Dry Creek Valley is fairly warm and dry, yielding those darker fruity notes that you see in the descriptions. To my taste, you don’t want a lot of sweetness with those flavors, or you get what I call an unpleasant “Port Zin” experience (although I don’t mean to put down real Zin Port).

Experts feel free to chime in!

p.s. I often use the word “raisiny.”

In the description, it says cellar the 2007 until 2014.

Thanks NightGhost. I missed that clarification in the description. Hopefully the 2006 will also be clarified.