Laura Zahtila Dry Creek Zinfandel Vertical

Thank you! This is my fourth woot and I always enjoy the interaction. A much different sort of experience compared to my daily life at the winery!

There are methods currently available to retool the inside of a barrel, shaving off the exposed wood to get to the untouched surfaces. There are also cleaning methods now being promoted that promise to almost microscopically clean the inside fo the barrels with steam and high pressure. The rotation of barrel stock has as much to do with the cleanliness of the barrel as the imparting of oak flavor, those nasty microbes can build up over time creating havoc in the cellar and wine. The new cleaning methods promise to extend the life of the barrel by another vintage, as of yet I haven’t afforded a new cleaning system.

WD - your presence is requested in the w.w party thread.

I have had both the white and the cab from Laura’s past offers here and on her own website (loved it when she had the ‘naked necks’ up for sale (smile)) and all have been wonderful, so time to try the Zin from her also - in for 2

I make wine at home and have two 53 gallon barrels Americn and two 30 gallon French barrels and a few smaller ones-

I have made wine with staves, cubes, chips but never dust. I have made wine aged three ways(same wine) also in glass with cubes, staves and chips- Same wine the Staves took the longest to impart but gave the deepest oak profile, while cubes were quicker to impart had less complexity and chips were thinnest of all with a raw wood taste- all medium toast.

Intersting the mention of Caramel from American Oak I get that on occasion too. I also get a touch of the classic dill in American Oak. Think Silver Oak Alexander Valley one of the easiest wines to pick out of a blind tasting due to the high dill taste- The J-man picks that one up everytime.

Anyway- we love Zin’s and Have never had this so if they ship to Jersey we would be in- Others we like are Rafanelli, Selby, Stryker, Murphy Goode(yes I won at liars dice there.

So tempting but my office (where I get stuff shipped) is in limbo due to a fire next door and a ton of water damage to our building; my office is now in my house but we plan on getting a temp space soon.

I have no where to ship to!

I’ve been tracking FreeTheGrapes and there is some small glimmer of hope that NJ will become legal in my lifetime! Hope it happens as I lost a number of club members when I discovered it was a felony to ship there.

FedEx…Please don’t freeze, and I’m in for two.

Thanks for your support and the interesting conversations! Happy New Year and if you find yourself in Napa Valley, please come up to Calistoga and make your wooterself known to us! Laura Zahtila Swanton

How does this swill compare with David Coverdale’s Whitesnake Zinfandel?

Thank you for your participation, it is greatly appreciated! When the winemakers and owners participate everyone wins.

Oh, mudman, ever reliable in your trolling! If only you had a simple meme like “is this Kosher” to accompany your posts.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Your passion is contagious, and I think there are more Zin fans here than some might think…I hope this sold well for you.

Trolling??what’s that.Whitesnake is a wine made by De La Montanya Winery & Vineyards and is a valid question.Do you often insult others due to your lack of
knowledge of vineyards?

Oh, mudman, always the kidder! Maybe Whitesnake Zin could be your meme. What do you think?

Well it’s either a bot from WD causing trouble, or the meme is this:

We did the tasting for 8 of us (as part of a murder mystery game in which I played the part of a vintner).

The tasting was definitely a high point. I blinded the tasting by putting little stickers on the 24 glasses and on the bottoms of the bottles. We started young, as Laura suggested and went back in time. The differences were striking - the '07 was very young and tart, the '06 was very full and bold, and the '05 was mellow (mature?) and complex. I’d love to know what the weather was like in those years so as to better understand the difference between the two older bottles. I would also love to have more of the young one to set aside and see how it performs in a year or two.

It was very interesting to get the feedback from our friends. There were two who were most impressed with the 2007, but most preferred the 2006 and 2005. I liked the '06 and '05 for different reasons, but ended coming back to the '05 for my refill. This was a great listing and I hope to see more vertical series offered. It’s not easy to track down a vertical series in most retail establishments.