Laura Zahtila Vineyards Napa Cab - 3 Pack

Laura Zahtila Vineyards Napa Cab - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 x 2006 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Previous offers:

11/19/08 (2004 vintage)
8/4/2008 (2004 vintage)

Buying wine at 5am just seems wrong, but I’m in for one.

I would like to get this, but for some reason, Maryland isn’t on your list of states for this deal. It seems to have been on and off that list since about August. I do not really understand why it is not accessible every time - legislation went into effect in July to allow shipment of wine to MD.

Each vineyard has to apply, pay for, and receive a license to ship to your state, and that takes time AND the vineyard has to weigh the costs vs. the potential number of customers in that state.

Oh, wow. I didn’t realize it was winery by winery. That seems like a terrible system (depriving me of good wines!).

Does anyone have any commentary/tasting notes about these wines seeing as they have been on wine.woot twice over the past year and a half?

N.B. I still have yet to open Laura’s 2005 CS Georges III

I’m in. The woot off bar was almost full, and being a 2006 Napa Cab., I don’t think I can go wrong?

Last time around it went like this…

+1, last offer/CT are thin on comments as well

My experience with Laura’s wines have been excellent! I’d jump on this but since I have over 300+ bottles plus the last coming, I have a serious SIWBM in place. Otherwise, I’d go in for an auto-two. Thanks Laura for allowing other wooters the chance to purchase your wine. And thanks also to WD.

I bought this trio in 4/10 and throughly enjoyed it. It was not overly complex but very smooth and excellent with food or by itself. It will be interesting to see how it has matured in the last year and a half.

Been away from the board for a while… is Cesare on vacation, did he change his name, or did he just get scooped?

Oh woot gods, any shot we’ll see any Macrostie this wootoff?

After reviewing the comments on the last two woots (one where the maker was kind enough to answer questions as well), I’m in for one. At a 50% discount off the winery site price and above average ratings on CT (about 89 points), I think its a solid buy. Here’s hoping the wife buys me a new wine fridge for Christmas:)

Nostalgic for those old 3 day long offerings and 13 page discussion forums.

Can’t stand still in the daily deal world though :slight_smile:

Cellar Tracker only has a few and they’re generally positive CellarTracker.

I first discovered Zahtila back in 2001 when they were only making Zin and the tasting room was set up in their garage. I’ve tried to stop by whenever I’m back in the area. Haven’t had the 2005 Cab, but still have a 2003 in my wine fridge. At 50% off and only $5 to ship (normal shipping cost for 3 bottles to IL would be nearly $18), I’m going to jump on this one.

I agree with you on the notes for CT, and I’ve only heard good things about the winery. In for one.

Do I need to be home to recieve the shipment?

Yes - unless you are close with the FedEx guy, and then he might leave it with a neighbor.