Laura Zahtila Vineyards Napa Cab - Three Pack


Can someone explain why this ships to GA but not the LZ Chardonnay?


Wow wow - the newbie is in for 1 - even if it doesn’t get here before Thanksgiving! That just means I don’t have to share it.


got sucked in again! You would think that I wouldn’t buy anymore wine…my cellar is exploding!


Owwwkay. I thought when THE Carelton Sheets got hold of my email address he would take over the “multiple daily emails from the same source” award for my inbasket.

Seems now however that “Woot Order Confirmation” is giving old Mr. Get Rich With No Money Down a run for his money!


W00t corrected the Chard a while into the sale.


It’s academic now, but the lack of Georgia shipping on the Chardonnay was a mistake WineDivid corrected shortly before the Cabs came up.


Cesare, I’ll take two if no one else wants them.


Doubtful, it seems that woot-off wines take longer to ship. I think it is because (IIRC) once the offer is no longer available, either due to a sell-out or time limit, then wine.woot tells the winery how much they need. Accordingly, there is the lag time between when the order is placed and when wine.woot actually receives the wine. Normally, (again, not sure about this) the wine is already in hand.


Gotcha…must not have been paying attention after I realized I couldn’t have it! Thanks!


i dont know ANYTHING ABOUT wine…is this good? average? good for the price? any insight would do thanks!


I wish we got flashing lights and a status bar.
Just sayin’


i drank one from the original offering - very good stuff I must say … very tempting to buy again, although I picked up the Pinot last night, and we have a week long extravaganza approaching …


If we keep going at this rate, I’m going to need a bigger wine cellar…


Any other comments on this, personal experiences? I’m a Cab freak but this woot’ing is getting expensive. I’ve got two orders coming now and boxes of wine I’m just looking at in my place, ugh. Thanks in advance.


holy smokes!? 15.1!!! thats a fat cab!!! Someone…quick talk me into it…I’m very persuadable right now…it won’t take much of a push…


Rat Reports from the original offering

Original discussion thread


[list][]2004 Laura Zahtila Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (8/12/2008)*
Nose: heat, with light oak, wood shavings, stewed dark fruits with a bit of bright fruit trying to burst through.
taste: hot alcohol, i honestly can’t believe this is 14.3%, it drinks far more like a 15+% cab. A bit of pepper and green pepper and some fruit, it’s all masked under the alcohol and oak. Light tannins in the back.
Finish: short.

Grade B. ***(86 pts.)***[/list]
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Just double checked the label, it says 14.2% not 15.1 like wine.woot says.


And we have it folks, this is our official DETOUR wine. Prepare for juvies.


What the Deuce?


Hi wooters.