Laura Zahtila Vineyards Napa Valley Chardonnay – Three Pack

Laura Zahtila Vineyards Napa Valley Chardonnay – Three Pack
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3 2006 Napa Valley Chardonnay

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…so is the officially the worst kept wine.woot secret since Gary debuted the Monkey Prize the Friday before it launched? :slight_smile:

No hard feelings Laura@thebestproductdescriptionfromthebestwineryparticipationevah!

In for these as well as the first offer!

Wow this was a surprise! :slight_smile:

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Laura, give us the low-down on this Chard! I went in on it quickly, as you can see…just hoping it’s not a super oaky butter bomb!!

Wow…didn’t see this coming, and it’s a pleasant surprise.

Laura, if you don’t mind answering a small question…I’m very new to wine, virtually my only experience has been a $6 bottle of Cab that I did not particularly enjoy, though it was quite delicious in/on chicken the night after i opened the bottle…

I know your wine is in a whole different class, but all the same, would you recommend this Chard to a wine “beginner” with an undeveloped palate? I don’t want to wind up wasting your creations because I don’t know what to look for in a wine.

Also, will this cellar well? Odds of me getting through three bottles anytime in the near future is quite slim, but I can certainly see myself being proud to bring out a 2006 Zahtila in 5 or 6 years if it’ll store well.

It’s all about the wine you like. This wine is lighter, crisper and brighter than many Chardonnay’s out there - almost like a Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a great summer wine, stands alone (or with a woot-monkey hugging it), or pairs well with food. It absolutely will cellar well. It’s been barrel aged so there is a touch of roundness that will continue for the next several years. If you treat it right in the cellar, you won’t be disappointed in the years to come. Thanks for asking!

If you missed it earlier this week.

So what you’re saying is, there’s only one way to find out? :smiley:

Just as it says in the wine.woot provided story, this is a crisp, bright style of Chardonnay. It’s 100% Chardonnay. Barrel fermented and aged for 7 months. Been in the bottle since April of 2007. I source the fruit from two different vineyards, one in St Helena and one in Napa (near Silverado Country Club). This is my third release of Chardonnay and they have all been made in this style. No buttery, thick style - clean and lovely!

mmmm…sounds like my kind of chard! Looking forward to it!

Join in the fun! It’s a smokin’ deal!

(let me try that again)

What would have been really fun is if WD and I could have figured out a way to change up and put my zin out there tonight instead…that would have gotcha!

I already bought 2 of the cab, how could I not buy the much anticipated Chard. Even without that 2 dollar discount its a great deal.

ETA: I am hoping there won’t be any more delivery snafu’s with the UPS man and the lazy folks down in receiving. I should have had the Cab tonight but fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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So this is last year’s release? I see you have the 2007 out already. What would the cellar life be on this one?

Sorry Laura, I should have been a bit more detailed in my comment/quesiton. I’m not a big Cab fan, but followed the thread to see what you had to say about your personal style and such. As a result, I was waiting for this to pop up. I live in NoVA, where there are a lot of overpowering oaky chards, but love the really nice clean, crisp chards (mostly steel). Really looking forward to receiving this, as it indeed does sound like a great summer wine, and it’s damn hot here!!

Thanks Princessjolie! I appreciate the support. Goodnight to all, I’ll chat with you tomorrow! Happy wine.wooting!

Cross-posted from another thread:

"The more I have been thinking about it, my role as a labrat is bumming me out. I feel badly that I did not get to my bottle of cab until this evening and by then it had sold out.

I hope WD and the others understand. I guess this can happen when a) you have a new offer mid-week and b) you sell out quickly "

If I could make a suggestion re. Labrats… if people are not certain they will be available to a) receive, b) taste and c) report back to the woot community on labratted bottles in a very timely manner, they should not order until after the labrat window has closed at 10 AM. If everyone does this, the precious labrat bottles will go only to people who can actually taste and report on the wines by the second evening of the offering, when buying decisions can still be made.

I don’t think this is too much to expect, in return for a free bottle of wine, shipped at WD’s expense overnight.