Laura Zahtila Vineyards Napa Valley Chardonnay – Three Pack

It’s a woot off!

So what was the consensus on these? Butter and Oak?

$7 shipping?

Got this last time it was offered and it was great.

But I just bought the Pinot like an hour ago so I may have to pass. I’m out of room.

Edit: not buttery or oakey which is why I really liked it.

Actually, these were considerably NOT buttery. Still not my taste, but definitely not your typical buttery chard. Um…

Here’s my full-scale review of this one.

I’m not a huge Chardonnay fan. But, I will say the Laura Zahtilda Cab was the best wine.woot purchase I have ever made. I regret only being in for a three pack and hope, hope, hope they offer the Cab again. If they do, I’m definitely in for the max. If Chardonnay is your thing, it’s my guess that this will be a great buy.

I love the first sucker…

First sucker: fwWNZOLc7aEKE8

Oh, and Here’s the RatPack from when this was offered.

In for 3! Possible rattage? Oh wise and fabulous WD?

They don’t do rattage during woot-offs. Sorry.

No. Lots of varietal character - the oak used was neutral, iirc. I enjoyed 2 of the 3 bottles last time very much, but the wine was not consistent. Kind of like Chehalem Inox with a rounder mouth feel.
I’m in for 2 this time.

I’m with you on the cab, granted, we had it after some other stuff but I LOVED it and would hop on another one (or three) without a second thought.

Hmm, arm twisting… may actually get me to buy some Chard!!

Suspect it’s a typo. Text for the wine is also from last time it was up, so logic indicates code-monkeys were lazy and just re-used the text/web page from last time LZ was offered.

Didnt care for the cab that much. Think it needs awhile longer in the bottle. The other two I have will be laying down for a few years

I’m in since my cellar is low on whites…

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Is this a Wootoff or just the Wednesday Midnight offer, early?

No. I don’t particularly care for that style of chardonnay and loved this! In fact the first time I tasted it ,had I not been told it was a chardonnay I’d never have guessed it.

Although there is enough oak for structure (which adds a nice roundess), it is well-balanced by the fruit. What I liked most - and the thing that threw me at the first tasting - is a wonderful sort of spiciness.

While I’m still not the biggest fan of chardonnay in general, it was this particular bottle that made me re-think the varietal. I’m in for three.

Woot-off. Whether we get an actual Detour remains to be seen, but often the first wine for the “woot-off” does not get a detour lately. So we may be safe from the juvies.