Laura Zahtila Vineyards Napa Valley Chardonnay – Three Pack

So if I am getting the right vibe from here and the labrat reports this is not your typical Chard and not full of that dry, heavy feeling that I normally associate with Chards? I am guessing this is the buttery-oak “bombs” referenced in the labrat section.

Thanks for the info.

This is my favorite write up ever, because it’s my fault :slight_smile:

Need more LZ yumminess! In for 1 to add to my existing total.

I kicked myself for only buying 2X last time this was offered. A great Chard to keep for when duty calls. Laura was gracious in answering questions about both the wine and her background last time around, so there’s plenty for people to read up on. Needless to say, only 2 of the original 6 of mine are remaining, and I’m adding 9 more!

Had to light up Minnesota. And it came through at $5 shipping.

My wine cellar was bursting, so I said I’d only buy if it screamed “you must buy this!” at me. I held firm for a long time, since Toothstejn, though I came close a few times (including the PN trio). But this is a chard for people who look down their noses at chard - missing the characteristics you love to hate, and with a taste that’s easy to love. Far and away the best white I’ve acquired on woot in the 14 months since I joined.

It’s much lighter, more crisp and tart. A “red-drinker’s chardonnay” if you will. Loweeel, Mr. Chard-oh-no, Chard-no-way himself, enjoyed this one and snapped it up last time.

Poor Laura. I felt so bad for her :slight_smile: You evil thing.

I should definitely not buy this. Fed Ex brought a delivery of 10 bottles this morning, AND I’m poor. But I’ve been hoarding the 2 LZ’s I have from the last offer, since the one we drank was SOOOOOOOO good. I won’t be so crass as to go into details as to why this is now known as the “nookie wine”.

Dammit… in for one.

Andretti winery gave a six pack for the same price. Woot, where have your negotiation skills gone?

Possibly, but it’s not like CJ hadn’t already guessed it in the pub

IMHO, it is very true to the varietal character of Chardonnay. Problem is, many mass produced Chards these days are masked with too much oak.

It’s “the nookie wine”, and you’re only in for one?

Make the Nookieator go in for one and get some color on that box

Srsly, I’m wine-broke this month. And I’ve always got Mumm and a hot tub as back-up :wink:

This is not that wine, not the same grapes, not the same hand. Didn’t get the Andretti and haven’t drank any of the Z’s yet, but this is probably two cuts above.

No shit!

If this is the same vintage/year as the last Zahtila Chard, they are not buttery or oaky. They are GREAT!! Going in for three, no questions asked!! This is one of the VERY few whites that I think highly of.

Uh. These are infinitely better? :wink:

Seriously, call him and be like, bowtie says get your ass to a computer and buy this wine. Or, get to one of them thar compooting machines and interthingy up some of them thar nookie wine.

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I guess I was wrong above when I said neutral oak: it is 80% new, but only spends 7 months in the barrel…