L'Aventure 95-Point Estate - 2 Pack

L’Aventure 95-Point Estate - 2 Pack
$134.99 + $5 shipping
1 2009 L’Aventure Estate Cuvee
1 2009 L’Aventure Côte à Côte
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Hey I look good in a tux

Surprised to see woot pulling out the big guns on a Sunday.

** runs to check bank account **

Yikes! of course the last time I saw a Wine.Woot that made me say that, I passed on Corison Kronos for $85 a bottle.

Looks like at least one person has it on their Christmas list.


After reading notes from CT, it a) sounds very young and b) would like to hear from the the vintner about how long this really needs to be cellared.

$73/bottle each average price on CT…

Or $140 shipped from woot…

Not seeing the deal…

James May was right. This is hideously expensive. Heck, it makes Corison seem like a bargain.

$75 a bottle at my local wine store. Only a saving of about $10-15 on two bottles. Must… do… better…

95 Parker wines on Woot! These bottles belong on the holiday dinner table or under the tree… A special gift for that special someone… (or for yourself!)

Off topic a bit: the Facebook share icon on the page works just fine, but whenever I go to share this page on FB itself or via the bookmarklet, it always shows an old deal.

Relatedly: totally trawling FB for anyone who wants to buy this one for me. :smiley:

These were just up elsewhere, can’t recall the deal though.

I’d love to try them, but they’re way too young.

To rich for my blood!
But I would be interested in community reviews once people have received these and popped some corks.

The last 95 point Parker rated wine i bought was an 04’ arrowood reserve Cabernet. But it was only $25 a bottle which I thought was a real deal. And the bottle I opened so far was great.

Got this on lot18 not to long ago but no try yet.
Was this mentioned on the California James may wine show thing? I’ll have to rewatch

The L’Adventure Stephan Ridge recently was a heck of a deal, this is not. Bring back the Stephan Ridge. Lot18 had the Cote for $67 recently, free shipping.

Reads like a veritable bombe de fruits. And priced accordingly with Mr Parker’s 95-pointed assent. Drinking smooth and silky, with a deliberately ultra-low yield, blue-blackberry fruits, cola, plenty of oak, liquorice, graphite for the Cab-Shiraz. And the CdP clone reads like a Parker dream with “garrigue” plum and “polished tannins”.

Got any acid stats? pH and TA?

Not all of us worship the cult of Parker… I’m just sayin’…

…nor should we… …way too many wines and palates out there for one person to dictate what we should and shouldn’t be drinking.

That said, I don’t think he rewards mediocre juice, and very few bottles get these scores, especially coming out of Paso Robles.

If nothing else, this is an opportunity to see (or taste) one of those few and judge for ourselves.

Could you tell me what is CT. I’ve tried to look for the site by google search

Looks like they are priced at $85 per bottle on the website so $170 before shipping. Comparing to Woot this is about 20% off before shipping.

I would think the winery would chime in here to answer some cellaring questions at this price!

For the tree huggers out there this vineyard runs on solar power…


Cellar Tracker. May have comments and ratings on the wine and a link to prices.

There is a link to CT near the beginning of Wine Woot discussions.