L'Aventure 95-Point Estate - 2 Pack

Why is everybody bashing Parker…you all should love him, either you love his palate and buy everything he gives high scores to or his high scores are a perfect example of what not to buy.

No matter who is the critic that’s what you will do.

He is not selling the wine so he is not a shill.

What about Wilfred Wong?

An interesting question is whether the best wines around this price point can reliably outperform the best wines at lower price points in blind tests.

Does anyone know of any studies showing this is the case?

Wilfred Wong is an interesting character. He is a serious wine reviewer but you have to understand his perspective when he reviews for BEVMO. The reviews he provides to most of the Bevmo wines are based on what he feels the average wine drinker would give the wine not what he personally would score the wine.

He loves French wine and has predominately french wine in his personal collection, yet for Bevmo he rates mostly Cali wines.

I know all this because I was curious about him after seeing his name on most of the Bevmo reviews.

He is also a paid employee of Bevmo but has said he takes no sides in his reviews.

Hope that helps.

Speaking of which, given their excellent forum participation on the last woot offering, I’m surprised they didn’t chime in this weekend ?

At this price I’d probably take 07 CdP 8)

Or possibly BALSAMIC!!

healthy scepticism :slight_smile:
Mind you, it’s a skill working out the biases and preferences (and general nous) of the particular bunches of CT reviewers!

Lot18 sent out an email offer for the 08 Cote. They also offered the cuvée, but no, I was talking about the Cote offer. I usually don’t post competitor stuff on here, but just to prove my point because it’s closed and you can’t see the price anyway. But it was $67 with free shipping. I know because I ordered one.

56 woots (and for a good wine) - ouch. The other L’Aventure didn’t set any sales records either (162).

Too bad, since L’Aventure really does make good wines. Though the woot-discount-proposition that we often see with other high-end wines was definitely missing on these offerings, I suppose.