LaView Security Systems

wired or wireless?

Do these come with cables?

Not trying to be rude, but is it REALLY that hard to read the description…? Lol…

Do these cameras come with cables and power supply?

Depending on the offer, if you read the Features/Specs and “In The Box” areas of the sale you can see if they cables are/are not included.

“(4) Premade 60 feet Siamese cable to connect cameras to DVR”

I see it includes cables. I see that the connection appears to be standard BNC/Coax but does anyone know if there’s anything special about these cables that would preclude getting a standard straight through coax cable with the proper ends to use as an extension? I’ve limited prior experience with A/V gear so all those acronyms don’t mean much to me. (Yes I know I can google it but figure maybe someone with more experience than me knows it already)

60’ is pretty generous but it gets eaten up fast if you want to go around corners, up and down walls, etc to make it “pretty”.

Also, does anyone know if it includes rack ears or if they are available? I do have a pretty nice 12U enclosure mounted in my garage with some server/networking gear in it that this unit would fit nicely into. They were kind enough to say it’s 1U standalone but no mention as to whether or not it includes the ears.

It is just too easy to order extra cables from amazon, and they are cheap too! If you make your own, which can be done by the way, you will also need to run a 12v power supply with the bnc cable.

So does this need professional install?

Does the camera need power separately?

The camera is mounted at one end, the double cable is run back to the DVR. The double cable includes a power line and a video line. The video is hooked up to the DVR and the power line is hooked up to the ‘included’ 12v power supply. You plug the 12v power supply into the wall right next to the dvr.

As for the professional install, well, that depends on your skill set. I can summarize it like this, if you’ve ever run a speaker wire, ethernet, or cable tv type cable through your house, you can do this job yourself. You can even try this yourself and in the case you fail, you can still contract it out. Every job is different, it took me a whole saturday to install my 4 cameras.

Waiting for this system for 10 days now, no tracking # or anything. What is the deal here? Where’s my unit?