Lavish Home Sheet Sets

Kmart has them as well but with an additional 10% off, so like 20 cent difference depending on what you get. Also free shipping on sales over $59.

Save 10% on select for the home items Sold by Kmart. Use code FALLHOME10! Offer ends 05-Oct-2013.

WayFair has it for a few cents more but with free 2 day shipping, no min. purchase.

I think the wayfair would be your best bet for this deal because of the free shipping if you are only buying one.

Only 4 comments of which one was negative with a one star and the other 3 were 4 or 5 star.

Here is another good link concerning sheets. Remember these sheets are not cotton, they are polyester.

The important part is below:

“Understandable, when I refer to a lower thread count in commercial linen, this is supplemented by a thicker thread. Some sheets sold through retail outlets have a lower thread count of 200 but the thread is thin, making the sheet a cheap and nasty. To determine the difference we look towards the weight of a sheet. The weight is very important; a good commercial bed sheet should weigh between 160 to 200 grams per square metre (GSM). Sheets that have a weight under 140 gsm are generally retail sheets and can’t be taken seriously in the commercial market. It’s important to remember that these sheets get a hard workout, and each time a sheet is laundered, some of the fibers can get lost which contributes to the wear and tear factor. The finer the thread, the greater the proportion of surface area per thread which could accelerate the deterioration of the sheet.”

If you really like the sheets at hotels, which I do for the most part, these are not the sheets you are looking for…

These sheets are MICROFIBRE!! Which means they feel like sheer curtains! Beware!!! Not at all like sheets.

I hate microfiber sheets. Every rough spot on your skin snags on them, and they don’t feel soft at all. I was almost tricked by the 1200 in the name of the sheets. That’s not the thread count, folks!

Microfiber sheets: when you REALLY like sweating.

I’m going to pass on microfiber, but can we start getting some Cal-King love around here?!

I hate microfiber sheets too. I have been tricked before into buying them, but never again!

Will those feet in modern times
Sleep on sheets that are made in China?
Through the bright prosaic malls
And the corridors that go on and on and on

Are we blind, can we see?
We are one, incomplete
Are we blind, in the city?
Waiting for lightning to be saved.

Any idea where to get those for home use?

I bought these sheets and they arrived today with a cigarette burn in them… WTF?

Whoa. That’s not right. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I like the material, and love the color. The twin set I bought for a twin mattress fit to a “T”, but unless your queen mattress is absolutely technically the correct “queen” size, you might not want these queen size sheets; wish I had gotten King size. My mattress is an “extended queen” Select Comfort, and the fitted sheet does not fit, no way, no how.

Well, I ordered 3 different colors of these sheets. They are so thin that I am afraid to even use them. Microfiber? Where? I didn’t even know thread could be made this thin in real life. Micro-thin. These are the cheapest made sheets I have ever seen. They are NOT worth even half of what I paid for each color.