Lawless Jerky Assortment (8)

Lawless Jerky Assortment (8)
$34.99 $50.98 31% off List Price
2 - BBQ Spare Rib Pork Jerky, 2 oz.
1 - Aloha Teriyaki Beef Jerky, 2 oz.
1 - Honey Chipotle Beef Jerky, 2 oz.
1 - Japanese Curry Beef Jerky, 2 oz.
1 - Mango Habanero Beef Jerky, 2 oz.
1 - Pho Beef Jerky, 2 oz.
1 - Sweet Sriracha Beef Jerky, 2 oz.

$35 a lb? Yea right

I wasn’t a fan of most flavors. Sriracha was meh, but too sweet for my liking.

Not to take too much away from woot, but I ended up getting this 2oz’ers for 99 cents a bag. Not exactly sure how regional Ollies Bargain Outlet works with their products, but in Central Ohio they are selling a ton of these bags. for 99 cents a bag.

My store did not have Pho Beef Jerky, or BBQ Spare Rib Pork, but from the other 4, they were all very sweet. If your like sweet jerky, then this might be for you.

too pricy! Come on with some good deals! I’d rather you sell us a one pound bag of the same flavor for a good price than this high-priced variety pack. I can buy a 14oz bag at Costco for $12 and it’s EXCELLENT.

Had some at the local outlet store a couple weeks ago (Srirachi if I recall properly)
Grass fed beef and no MSG so I gave it a shot even though it was a bit pricey ($3.99)
If you like dry jerky, you will definitely like this, but it was too dry for any of the jerky lovers in our family.

$40 with shipping for a pound? Is this on the commodities market? I can fill my tank with gas and buy some regular Jack Links jerky for the same money.

Who thought this was a good deal at Woot?


I just went and checked. Yep. This is exactly what I got at the Ollie’s in Owensboro, KY for 99c a bag last week.

It’s ok. I’m not a sweet jerky fan but for 99c, it’s good to have around. For $34.xx? Not so much.

Shipping is included, so 34.99

Here in Texas, any good jerky goes for between $30 and $35 a pound, this is not unusual. Four oz. would be $10 for a lot of brands. I think that for getting to try so many different kinds, this is not a bad deal at all.

$35 for a mere 16oz. What is this stuff made out of gold? I would’ve loved to try this but I can’t stand companies that think their product is worth so much more than it is.

how do you figure? you can buy the same amount for the same price - how is this a deal of any sort?

jerky should be made out of beef, and beef only.

turkey or pork jerky is gross.

In Nebraska, from the butcher, you’re looking about 25 bucks a pound, so yeah, this doesn’t make me run from a price standpoint, but ya know, it’s not hard to smoke your own jerky…

If I’m going to spend $35 for a pound of meat it’s going to be medium rare with a couple sides and have an alcoholic beverage accompanying it.


Here here.

This is actually a good price for quality jerky. You can’t compare per lb pricing to other products because there’s so much less water weight. When I’ve made jerky it takes 2-3lbs of meat for 1lb of jerky. And, just because you can get a hamburger at mcdonalds for $1 doesn’t mean it’s the same burger you’d get at a nice restaurant.

I’ve had this brand more than once. One time from a bargain store and it was a little dry, but I ordered recently from their website and it was amazing. The bargain store must have been an old recipe or something. This is the only grass-fed jerky I’ve had and it’s the same price as other craft jerky. No brainer. In for 3.

Better be made of wagyu kobe beef for that price.

You’re not looking at comparable units. By that logic, If I pay $1 for a 1oz bag of potato chips, then I’m shelling out $16 for a lb of potatoes that would have cost me 50¢ at the grocery store. Drying and frying drastically reduce water weight.