Lawson's Ridge Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Lawson’s Ridge Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
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2015 Lawson’s Ridge Riverina Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon, Riverina, Australia

I think this is the first time I’ve run into an item that doesn’t ship to Colorado!

I’ve had good luck with this type of Australian blend in the past. Anyone have anything to say about this particular vintage ?


Lawson’s Ridge Riverina 2015, 90% Shiraz, 10% Cabernet, 14.2% ALC.

Initial pop and pour, the wine is reddish purple in color, clear and there is no sediment. In the nose I get black cherry, menthol, wood and strong acidity/burn. Taste of black fruits mild tannins, high acidity and medium finish.

Definitely not a fruit bomb like I associate with many Aussie Shirazes – this would make a good food wine. We were having salmon for dinner and so we passed on this wine with dinner, as we thought it would give us that metallic taste with the salmon, going instead for a nice French rose.

After 1.5 hours in the decanter, the nose is still fairly simple and some would characterize it as “hot”. To me, it’s more of an acidic / astringent aroma as I’ve experienced it with both low and high alcohol wines. Nose is still predominantly black cherry but I’m starting to detect some Cabernet cassis in the background. Not much difference / development in the taste either, still rather simple black and red fruits, mild tannins, nice acid and decent finish but nothing more. This is s a simple wine. I think it needs a bit more time to integrate, it’s a bit disjointed, yet it is tasty and somewhat balanced for my palate (which prefers higher acidity).

My wife, who has a better palate, gets cherry and strawberry on the nose, some oak and a short finish. Neither of us are fans of heavy-oaking and the oak in this wine bothered her. Although it was not overpowering or overused,

We had a half open bottle of Wellington 2011 England Crest Syrah from last night and the Wellington had more

fruit, depth, nuance and balance, but the Lawson’s Ridge still held its own and was tasty and good, even after drinking the Wellington.

At this point, this seems to be value wine in the $10 woot price range. I would purchase it for under $10/bottle as

It would be a fine everyday wine if you like higher acid, food friendly wine.

Shippers - apply for the license.

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