Lay In Luxury

Should be LIE in Luxury. Well, I guess it could be lay if you’re suggesting that we delicately and lovingly place our objects down in a luxurious bed. But my gut is telling me that you mean lie.

I’ve got the Betsy 3-piece ruffled duvet cover (from Amazon), and I gotta say, the quality is deplorable. I hope the other comforters and duvets in this sale are not of the same caliber.

That’s what I was gonna say. Glad I’m not the only grammar freak around here.

Ha! I was coming to do the same thing.

Aww <3 my fellow wooters, I checked the comments just to see if anyone had pointed out the ‘lie’. Good to know there are more people out there with a respect for grammar (especially on the internet!)

*Note: Although I could see how ‘lay’ might be chosen for a stylistic reason (has a somewhat more airy feel) to convey feeling/theme.