Lazer Star LED/HID Lights

Think its possible to connect one of the long bar lights to a regular outlet to use in a garage?

That’s not their intent. You may want to contact Lazer Star directly on that.

Would you be powering it with a spare automotive battery; they are not designed to run on household current.

Just contacted them about it. They said some customers have used these inside. They recommend looking for a 12v power supply on eBay.

I was not planning on using a car battery but I guess that is an option.

Thanks for answering my question in a roundabout manner - I assumed these were 12VDC, but no mention on the specs page -

Not to ask a dumb question, but:
The price is for ONE light, correct? I’m wondering because it says that it comes with black covers. Plural. Two different ones? 15?

Which one are you looking at?

Hi there, I work at Lazer Star. They are sold each, not sure why they said “covers”

I work at Lazer Star, the LED Light Bars run between 9-32 Volts DC and will not run on household line voltage however you can purchase an inverter as used in RV’s (a small one just 3-4 Amps or so) to power almost any of the bars Woot is selling.

yes it’s possible. these run off of direct current, so just get a transformer that plugs into the wall with the appropiate voltage and splice the wires together.

transformers provide to many common things around the house.
battery chargers, for example. you can buy one set to a specific voltage, or one thats adjustable.

I don’t see why not, it just needs a 12 volt power supply with enough amperage for it. Easy to find on Amazon or ebay

There are many more options for much cheaper on Amazon. I shop for these all the time to use as shop lights. The best prices I find (27 or 48 watt options) work out to between .74 and .90 per watt. Be aware that they come in a 30 or 60 degree angle option. I use 60 for more of a flood rather than spot effect. @ 27 watts, they are bright!
To power them, use a laptop power cable for around $10 (or a car battery, or a car battery charger).
Hope this helps!

2 more thoughts:
The labeling on these lights is a bit misleading. “3 watts” refers to EACH led. So if there are 6 leds, it is 18 watts.
My question early on when rigging these up was how do I get the voltage correct? Well, the beauty of leds is they work on a wide range of voltages. So if the specs indicate “10V-30V” it means you can power it with any voltage in that range without any need for adjustment.

Which of these would be good for a street motorcycle?

I have bought several of these from woot in the past for my ATVs and have found them to be of high quality. I know they are expensive, even on Woot, but have justified paying the high $ because I thought I was getting better quality. Are the cheaper lights on Amazon (apparently much cheaper) also high quality? Would the rep for Woot or whoever represents the company that makes these lights please explain to me why these lights now listed again on Woot are so much more expensive than similar lights on Amazon? I need more LED lights for an new ATV I just bought but, honestly, I am hesitant to pull the trigger on more of these even though I know them to be of high quality when the price differential between these and apparently similar lights on Woot’s parent company Amazon is so vast. Especially, especially when somebody who claims they have a lot of experience with LED lights such as these is steering me away because he says these are grossly overpriced.

Since they operate on DC voltage, they definitely do NOT run on an inverter. An inverter is used to convert DC to AC voltage. For these units, you need to convert AC to DC. As others have mentioned, there are a number of power adapters from Amazon and eBay that will work. You just need one with sufficient amperage at the rated voltage to power the unit. 12-volt units will likely be easier to locate; however, an 18-to-21 volt power supply will generally be more efficient.

It’s not the LEDs that are working on a wide range of voltages. Voltage regulators make operation on a wide range possible. LEDs normally operate on a limited voltage/amperage range. Overloading them will burn them out.

Another possibility is that the units are constructed with enough LEDs in series to accommodate a higher voltage range. I doubt that will be the case, as the units would not be very bright with the lower voltages. And if one LED dies in the series circuit, the whole circuit would die. Not likely.

I’d be curious as to the circuitry used in them that makes the voltage range possible, but I’m betting it’s voltage regulation.

I’m with the company also. The LED’s will operate between 9-32 volts AC OR DC. They can easily be powered by an outdoor low voltage lighting power supply. The HID’s however must be powered with DC ONLY.

Hi, I’m with the company also. We get this question often. Nearly every LED product in the same category as the items here offered on eBay or Alibaba are what is known in the industry as “common tool”. Which means (and it is easy to recognize) that they all have a very similar design which is a knock-off of a reputable competitor of ours. There are literally hundreds of Chinese companies making these things. Many of them don’t even do lighting in this category or type. Most, you will find if you do some research, do home or parking lot type lighting. These products offered here are our own design. We developed and evaluated this design ourselves and have strict quality standards. As an example each light is put in a sub-zero chamber and cooled to 0C then heated to 90C, if it fogs up on the inside it fails. This is just 1 of several tests performed to insure you get a quality product that we can back with a real warranty. This company also employs several fellow Americans. I can go on about overdriving, heat, optics, etc but I hope you get my point and I hope you choose to make a purchase here.