Lazer Star LED/HID Lights

Yes! You will need to purchase additional hardware elsewhere (not on woot) to mount them.

Do these lights come with the brackets to mount them? I’m guessing not since you could be mounting on a quad, truck, jeep, etc. If not, anyone found a good deal on those? I’m looking at the smaller lights. Not the bars.

Hi there, I work at Lazer Star. There are brackets that come with the lights to mount to a surface but not specific mounts for a type of car/truck however Lazer Star does have and sell Jeep brackets!

Why aren’t there any pictures of the brackets or documentation that they come with the lights? Makes it hard to know what you’re getting. I may have missed it but i looked here and on your website. I think that would be good information to provide to potential buyers. Just my .02.

I suppose while I’m asking questions… is the switch on the light to turn it on? or is there one that comes into the cabin of the vehicle?

I’m not sure which of these lights would be best for a street bike, but if they are quality lights you won’t want to use them while there is on-coming traffic. Quality LED lights will pretty much blind anyone facing them. They should be far brighter than a normal high beam on a vehicle.

I have a jeep and have been looking for some additional lighting. I’m specifically looking at the LS87352. Am I correct in assuming that I would need to purchase the wiring separately?

Time to fill the mouth of my Miata with flood lights!

Hi I work at Lazer Star…Yes if you want a wire kit with switches they would be separate.

Could these be used on a boat for night fishing in salt water environment

I picked up some Lazer Star LX3324-U LX LED 3W 24-LED Rectangular Utility Spot Light for my 35 foot sail boat and they are absolutely awesome. I came back for another lamp, and they’re sold out! When are they going to be available again?