Lazer Star LED/HID Lights

Headline says “LED” & the individual description says “HID”, which is it?

The first 4 35w units are HID, the remaining ones are all LED.

First, a 35W LED would be redonkulous. Second, see all the little individual LED bulbs in the LED ones, vs. the single element of the HID ones?

Sorry for the confusion. The title has been updated to HID/LED. As noted above, the first 4 lights are HID.

First off, i have another branded version of those HIDs, and they are INCREDIBLE!! Excellent deer spotters, though too bright to legally use as running lamps.
I also run a 27W LED light bar, and a pair of 30 watt LED work lights on my wheeling rig, and if you haven’t experienced LED spot lights, you will be blown away!

Woot, I would change the wording )around a little bit to point out that it’s 10w PER LED DIODE on those light bars, making the 32" bar 160Watts, the 20" 100W total, and the 10" bar 60Watts. the 4" work lights 24Watts, and the 4.5" lights 30Watts, and the 3" pods 12Watts. (for those who don’t feel like doing any math)

On another note, I hate to do this to you Woot, but you can find those 4" HIDs on amazon all day long for $65 a pair.

Ummm 12 volt? 6 volt? eleventy volt?

Link please; they’re over a hundred each that I can find all day long…

So… the lights at the bottom…where the picture clearly show TWO (2) separate lights - do you receive ONE or TWO? The description seems to suggest one, but the photo shows two.
“Lazer Star LXK2304 4-Inch 3-Watt LED Light Bar”

hi, sorry for the late reply. We checked with the vendor and the box contains a pair of lights.

any info on how power is hooked up to these units? Many say they are waterproof to 50 ft and I thought I can make a DIY underwater light, but the connector has to be waterproof. And what is their brightness when fed different voltages? It says 9-32 volts, does it regulate a 32 volt source to be the same brightness as a 9 volt source?

Yes, they will be the same brightness from 9v to 32v. You can not just hook up an LED to 12v or 9v or 32v… most run on about 3.5v so these regulated power supplies in them. The power supply has the ability to step up or down the voltage and regulate the current to give the LED’s what they need

My apologies on the exaggeration, the deal my brother purchased two weeks ago was $70/pair and is now gone, but I did find several others.

Still a good deal here, as these are fantastic lights.

$90/pair shipped for the 55w version."+HID

Pair of 35w for $88

Pair of 55w for $96

If it runs on 3.5v, could I run these lights off 18650 3.7v batteries? That would be much easier to make a power supply. A LED light that has 8x3watt LEDs would only need 25 watts, which 3 18650 in parallel should be able to provide.

Be warned… Of the reviews i see on amazon, they are done by the same two id’s… Allof which have only reviewed the lazer star products… All of them and nothing else.

Just that devious behavior alone has turned me off.

While you can find ones that look very nearly exact they are not all created equal. At least these are being sold by a reputable company and come with a warranty. Have been and seen too many burned on drop ships from China…

“Like, you’re not gonna put these on your Hyundai station wagon or anything”

Hyundai station wagon? It’s been years since Hyundais have been junk. Get with the times and update the lamo jokes.

I wonder if the 32 inch setup is a bit too much for my john deer d110? Sure would kick ARSE to mow at 11 pm wearing my Bluetooth headphones rockin’ to Metallica! Hmmm…

Ok someone help me out here… what is the difference between a flood light and a spot light and what would be better for your truck or car to use? Thanks

Flood light is the type of light you want to use when searching for someone in a flood, thus your light would be a focused spot.

Spot light would be if you want to be spotted, thus the light would flood as wide as possible so people from all direction could see your light.

The one you want to mount on your car/truck would be based on your need, according to the above scenario.