LazerStar Offroading Lights

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated the image on the Lazer Star LSW1815 LX LED Wire Kit to the correct image.

Before I scour the tubes of inter, anyone got any reviews or info on these? Durability, quality of components, etc.??

this magazine website explains off road led lighting and reviews a couple of their products.

I’m still unsure as to how good these prices are though.

I have bought a lot of these lights from Woot over the past year. Have installed maybe 10 or 12 of these LED floods and spots on various ATVs I own. The quality of these LazerStar units is very high. However, the prices are at the top end for these sorts of lights also. You can buy similar lights on Amazon or eBay for less than half of what these lights are selling for here on Woot. I have bought these cheaper lights also and the quality of these cheaper lights is acceptable but not outstanding like the LazerStar stuff.

Ordering 2 sets to attach to my rear window so I can blind a*holes that can’t be bothered to turn off their high beams when they follow you. Come to think of it, they can also be quite useful to suggest to people who drive slow in the fast lane and just forced you to pass them on the right that it’s time to move over to another lane.

Just kidding. Wondering though, is it only in California that a*holes drive at 60mph in the leftmost lane even though all lanes are empty, and cut across 4 lanes of traffic at the last minute when their exit comes up? The day this state does away with gun control the freeways will be a bloodbath.