LBD: Little Beautiful Dresses

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WARNING! These dresses are hand- wash only. YUCK

Wow!! I never thought one could be c0ck blocked by a dress!!!

These are Uuuuuuuugly!!!

are these dresses form fitting at the bottom or loose? ???the pictures are different. It makes a big difference to me

The ruched dresses are, all others appear not to be- is there a certain one you’re looking at?

When they don’t look good on a mannequin there is no hope that they will on a real person is there? Maybe a gift for a frienemy (if people are still saying that).

A potato sack can look alluring if the right person is wearing it.

I am confused as to why polyester & spandex needs hand washing actually…

Probably because the fabric is thin and fragile, or the seams are not stitched with the sturdiest of stitches. Or the dye could be iffy. Who knows?

These are as form fitting as a woman’s swim suit, except even more so. Perfect if you will never bend over.