I am going shopping for a new TV for my stepfather on sunday. I was aiming for LCD, but now am hearing some buzz about DLP. Would someone be so kind as to fill me in?

ALSO, what are some things I should be comparing while I’m shopping? I know to go for 1080p, but aside from that I’m ignorant. =X



I would avoid a projection tv since the bulbs are expensive to replace. Also make sure it is a tv and not a monitor. The monitors do not come with built in speakers.
Try to find the exact tv in the size you want on display so you can compare the picture quality, and research the service policy of the store you buy it from. Try to find a retailer with a combination of good price and good customer service and support. You can subscribe to (low cost) and read their information on features to look for and performance issues. Panasonic and Sony are both supposed to be very good brands. We recently bought a Sony LCD and are very pleased with it so far.


Thanks for the help!