LE Birthday Bag Code Name Calamity

Not even bothering with any BoC today. Not worth the hassle, and not worth $50 to me

Yes they are. 15000 over the next few days

Ok, what’s the secret here? It popped up on the forum page, I clicked the images and its already sold out. Not even a chance to get VOP’d.

Is there a special app or extension that does it for you automatically or something?

really wanted one but hestenton on 50 bucks

Yeah I think they’re popping up somewhere else too. Weird

Sold out immediately by the time it hit the app.

Wooo Hooo!

all mine


The servers work in mysterious ways.

If youre on the woot off page click latest to refresh the page quickest, new items still lag if you aren’t refreshing it one way or another

Still VOP

you are doing the best. It’s just they are selling something like 10 at a time and thousands are going for it. Both of us just got the bad luck in the server draw - ours populated too late.


VOP’d when status bar showed about 20% gone…


how many clicks are you seeing on it when you click on the forum page, thats a good indicator, if it has any click count on it then you are probably too late


So if I get a regular BOC today am I still able to get one of these big ones?

Keep on Wooting!!!

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I pride myself on getting BOC’s but damn… I’m not getting even close