LE Birthday Bag Code Name Chili Dog

LE Birthday Bag Code Name Chili Dog

what’s the point if it just goes to VOP every time…

So…what do you guys have for dinner?

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straight VOP…again…

I yote one

This is nuts. There were no comments even and when I got there it was already sold out

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This is my first visit to the VOP for the LE bags, so I’m getting closer…

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Better question is what’s the point if before you can even click into the page it is already sold out. I don’t think I can get any quicker… I just hope people start to give up by the end.

It makes me log in each time so I always end up on VOP

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No comments lol. You have less than a second of wiggle room to get one. That’s why having Amazon Pay or logging in automatically means you won’t get one.

took me to login again after being in the VOP…even though i told it to keep me logged in…then says its sold out…what kind of crap is that???

I have spent 11 hours, and I finally got a LE BOC


so i didn’t get in VOP… I got to checkout and I’m sitting on waiting list. its like VOP 2.0!

And another one I can’t have

I had just logged back in,and when I hit the buy now button it logged me out. Thanks for saving me 50 bucks!

Well, I at least made it to VOP this time. I haven’t even been getting that far. I am staying in there until it kicks me out though!

HTF did you manage that on a mobile device?! I am in awe of your mastery of technology.

Never fails. As soon as I see the LE BoC it’s VOP and gone