LE Birthday Bag Code Name Dreadnought

1 out of 10 ins not a good stat. 1 real 9 bots

I got sent to the VoP this morning for a regular BoC, and I was able to purchase it, so yes, it’s possible!


1 BOC and 1 LE BOC complete! Booyah!!!


beep boop

does not compute

I can’t tell yet if I got one. Says I am on the waiting list on the page where you go to buy it but it is in the list of stuff I bought. No confirmation email so far.

150 LE BOCS, 15 hours of Woot Off, assuming 1 LE BOC an hour means 10 LE BOCS per sale.

Thousands of Wooters trying for 10 each time…

EDIT: I math good.

Doesn’t sound good. I got a confirmation email and they billed my card.

I’m still sitting in my VOP. Not getting out until it tells me it’s sold out.

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Our deepest discounts…our deepest condolences

I’ll just go buy a $10,000 locker

Yes but only maybe 50 of those actually know what they are doing.

effing A:

Uh-oh. Some stuff sold out and was yanked from your cart. You missed:

  • Woot Limited-Edition 15th Birthday Bag o’ Crap

once again…

stop having me sign out and sign in in the vop

I am still in the vop

right there with ya

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vop just missed it

I can’t decide if I honestly want to spend $50. UGH

I mean it’s unlikely I’d get one anyway, but this time I saw it immediately and paused to think about if I actually wanted one. I knew once I paused it wasn’t going to happen…but do I want it to happen?

I’m torn.

I math good. Also means even worse odds.


still VOP for me. probably time to give up.

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