LE Birthday Bag Code Name Firefox

LE Birthday Bag Code Name Firefox

Sad face

cmon baby

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theres the crash we all know and love


Dang server error!


oh my…what have I done… I got one


Oh my… I got one… what did I do…

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i’m in the waiting room… wish me luck

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Had logged out right before this came up, and I missed the new post.

Oh well.

At least I can work for the next 45 minutes (or, rather, as soon as I get there).

and boom, I got one…wait no…error…ugg

ahhh!!! I got a confirmation email!!! SWEET!!

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well I tried…

Server Error is the real victor here.

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How quickly that server error came up with the new Birthday BOC makes me think someone was waaaaay overzealous with their bot.

Well, looks like you guys broke the server. Now we gotta wait while they reboot the VM.

WOOT! is the best! Delivering on the disappointment without me even having to spend $50. SERVER ERROR!

Well, curse words. Errors and then sold out. THIS IS SUPER FUN.

Sold out

In the waiting room!! I need some #ThotsAndPrayers

Where did that come from? Though it was every hour?