LE Birthday Bag Code Name Mr Wiggleswort

LE Birthday Bag Code Name Mr Wiggleswort


look at the misdirect well done woot

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You down with VOP

Dammit I was reading the posts for that god damn pen.

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yeah you know me

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7th Vop today. Yikes

Aaaaannnnnddd…… sold out before it could load the page.


vop again

Yeah, you know me

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Had it in my 'cart" hit buy now and it said it was gone… Wtf?

i said i was going to quit but i cant… woot what have you done to me

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Distracted by a crappy pen!

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Ouch too slow.

I took a day off from work for this?! ugh. didn’t even get to VOP this time.

Didn’t even VOP. Got to check out with this:


Its literally not able to click faster. People must be getting to the direct links somehow

Just logged back in, saw new post… clicked over and sold out. :frowning:

OMG! Somehow got one.


VOP. Came up on notification before it showed up in the forum. Threw me off.