LE Birthday Bag Code Name Mr Wiggleswort


VoP !!!

Woooo! Got one finally! Ironically it was from the desktop notification coming earlier than the forum update (even spamming the F5/latest buttons).

So, uh, turn on desktop notifications I guess!


I got that dank Paki customer service.

“Hi I logged in without Amazon Prime. Can you refund the $6 shipping?”

“I’m sorry that you were charged for shipping on your order #62635724 even after logging in with Amazon Prime. I regret the inconvenience. To make things right for you, I’ve issued a refund of $6…”

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Yup…VOP’d again…And there was like 80+% left.

Those of you getting to the VOP, are you using the app or a computer? Seems like it’s sold out as soon as I open it on the app.

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Got waiting list.

Yeah you know me

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Considering they only have 10 per listing…

I am going to be in so much trouble when the SO sees this at the front door.


vop wish me luck

I’m just using computer, and monitoring the Deals Chatter => Wootoff forum section. It pops up as a notification pretty quickly.

Apparently this time, those with desktop notifications may have gotten their notification quicker, so try that if you can.

how do u turn on the desktop notifications?

I caught a flash of it, but … too slow. Drats. On the other hand, just saved $50.

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Finally saw VoP at least. Honestly, it feels like an achievement.

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I got one! The desktop notification was the way I got mine.

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On the positive side, my 2 hour drive has gone by pretty fast.

How long should I wait in the VOC

Haha, finally! I was buying a Donald Pen and it sold out while i was checking out. Dang! Clicked back quickly and snagged a Big Ornery Catfish instead. The Donald Pen was the lucky charm!